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What is the most accurate translation of the Bible?

There are many views from Greek and Hebrews scholars on which English Bible translation is the most accurate. Although no single version can do justice to all the Greek and Hebrew nuances or is completely free of translation error, we will list four versions that we believe are the most accurate. 

These English Bible translations are: Rotherham, RV (Revised Version, 1881-1885), the ARV (American edition of the Revised Version), the American Standard Version (ASV, 1901), and the NASB (New American Standard Bible, 1960-1971). The latter three deliberately adhere to the most familiar wording of the AV (Authorized Version, or King James Version, 1611), except where accuracy or archaism requires a change. 

Of the four versions listed above, we think that the American Standard Version (ASV, 1901) is the most accurate, based on our consultation with a Bible student, James Parkinson, who is not only a Greek and Hebrew scholar but also a Bible translator as well. He has published the Old and New Testaments RVIC (Revised Version Improved and Corrected), using the ASV as his prototype.