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How Much of Our Life is Pagan?

Ours is a society of diversity and we as a society have made it that way. There is a great value in diversity for it helps us to focus on, accept and appreciate the contributions given by those who may not be like us. This is good. The problem lies in how our diverse society promotes itself at the expense of some – perhaps at the expense of many who believe there is a God and He is our Creator. Our diverse culture does not like this, and it is here where that which promotes diversity engages in perversity. What does this have to do with paganism? Stay with us!

Are the Christian and Jewish Sabbath the Same?

The Sabbath day was put in place by God in a very unusual way – He demonstrated it. He proclaimed it as a way for his children to stop – to stop their lives for a day and be able to look up, look around, appreciate, gain perspective and then once again move forward. In the Ten Commandments, the Sabbath is clearly on Saturday. Why then do most Christians not observe it that way? Has Christianity changed the rules God himself put in place? Stay with us as we look into rest, the Sabbath, the Bible and the role we are called upon to play.