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Who Gets Their Prayers Answered?

Many, many people pray. Are all those prayers answered or are most unheeded? Is there a prescribed formula for prayer? When should we pray? What should we pray about? Does the “universe” help seekers find? Are there right ways to pray that will get you an “in” and are there wrong ways to pray that will get you ignored? Stay with us as we tackle what promises to be a massive, important and life-changing topic!

Will God Extend Your Life if You Ask Him?

Prayer is a powerful thing. We as Christians speak of it often and we encourage others by telling them that we are praying for them. We ask for prayers. We pray for forgiveness, for strength, for discernment. We pray for direction, for patience, and for wisdom. We pray to praise honor and worship our Almighty God and His son Jesus. This morning we are going to look at the experiences of one man, one King of Israel, Hezekiah, who prayed for God to extend his life. Why did he ask that? Should he have asked that? What is the lesson for us? Stay with us as we talk about the most familiar topic of prayer in a relatively unfamiliar way.

Got Gratitude?

Thanksgiving! It is a word that for most conjures up images of a holiday – as a matter of fact, it was this past Thursday. It conjures up food, family and friends, it conjures up overeating, football, and a day off; and hopefully, it conjures up...well, hopefully it conjures up thanksgiving! You know, the act of giving thanks – the act of gratitude. Now, with that somewhat novel thought of actual gratitude in our minds, we need to focus on the recipient of this gratitude. Stay with us as we talk about true heart-felt gratitude and the life-changing results of giving such gratitude!

Why Do We Pray?

Prayer. It is a central activity of most any religion. For people who are very religious, prayer is one of the very basics of their lives. For many who are not normally religious, prayer comes into play when tragedy enters their life and they are suddenly faced with the mortality of themselves or their loved ones. Often, it seems as though the subject of our prayers is, well, ourselves. It seems that we pray when we need something or when we want something, for ourselves or our loved ones. So, is this the purpose for prayer – for our own desires to be noticed, or is there more to it than that? Stay with us as we look into the purpose, passion and power of prayer!

What Did Jesus Teach Us to Pray For?

Have you ever thought of the magnitude of the concept of prayer? Consider this – the concept says that the believing human being who lives a comparatively small life on this comparatively small planet has the comparatively enormous opportunity to communicate with, to praise and to petition the Creator of all things. If you look at this prospect in this way, it is a monumental thought. That being the case, it should occur to us that there must be some significant guidelines for this process to be able to work effectively. Are there “rules” for prayer? If there are, did Jesus teach us what they are and how we could most effectively work with them? Stay with us as we look into the process, purpose and power of prayer.

What Makes Prayer Work?

Prayer is a phenomena. Think about it – the Christian concept is that you as an individual have the privilege and power of communicating with the Creator of all things. Little you! Insignificant little you can praise, honor and even petition the Creator. How does this work? Are there requirements? Are there special words or thoughts or attitudes that must be in place? What are the benefits of prayer? Does it change circumstances or does it just change perspective? Stay with us as we look at how prayer is built and what effect it can have on those who participate in this privilege.

Why Do We Pray?

It can happen for many people almost involuntarily. When the situation is difficult, when tragedy strikes, when death approaches, when a loved one is suffering – these are some of the circumstances that prompt us to do it. It crosses the lines of race, creed, religion and political persuasion. It has been shown to have a soothing effect upon us. It prompts us to look for a fulfillment. It is prayer...the simple act of prayer. What is prayer? Why do we pray? Why do most of our prayers seem to go unanswered? Stay with us as we take a biblical look at this phenomena and seek the answer to the question, why do we pray?