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How is Christian Love Different?

Love is a big deal. Whether it is the love of a family member or friend, the love of a hobby or team, the love of a favorite place or food, the love of certain music or colors, the love of art or science, love truly encapsulates the most vital portions of the best parts of our lives. As a Christian, we often talk about a higher love – what we call Christian love. Well, what is Christian love? Is it different? Is it higher? Can it change the world around us? Stay with us as we dig into the very fabric of what we as Christians are called to stand for!

Are there Secrets to Staying in Love?

So, Valentine’s day is just a few days away. Another opportunity to outwardly express your love and devotion to that special someone. What if every day was such an opportunity? What if we, instead of using a holiday as an excuse to be self-absorbed for the other 364 days of the year, what if we used each day of the year as a reason to outwardly express our true devotion to that special someone? Stay with us as we look into love and marriage and the truly unique and important role they play in our lives!

Should We Support Gay Marriage?

The world and the times we live in present great opportunity, as well as great challenge. We are daily overwhelmed with the clamoring for individual rights by so many, and for the most part, this is a great thing. This morning we are going to look at one of the most volatile topics of all – gay rights and gay marriage. Where should we stand? Should we be supportive? Opposed? Does the Bible send a clear message on this? What did Jesus have to say?

What About Love and Marriage?

Ah, Valentine's Day! That day when everyone celebrates LOVE!! The fact of the matter is that one in two marriages end in divorce and countless other “live in” relationships fall apart as well. This translates into a dismal fact – MOST people are less than happy in their relationship. Why? What is missing in all of these broken unions? Are romance and reality compatible in our day? Do people really fall in love? Can we find our own happily ever after? Stay with us as we talk about love, marriage, reality and the Bible!

Does It Have to be “Til Death do us Part?”

Red is the color of passion. If you happened to have gone into a supermarket or department store over the last few weeks, you probably would have come across an aisle somewhere in the store that featured that color of passion, for everyone has been preparing for this day, this special day to celebrate the passions of the heart. Today is Valentine’s Day, the day that for centuries has reflected love and relationships. Today’s lesson looks at love, specifically in the context of marriage – what does it truly mean to be married? What does it offer us and what does it require of us? Marriage – ’til death do us part?

Is Marriage Between One Man and One Woman?

In many ways, it can be said that we live in times of great advancement – medicine, technology, education – these are a few areas of eye popping leaps and bounds forward. Yet, it can also be said that we live in times of great distress. Social unrest, political polarity and moral decay - these are a few areas of eye popping slides downward. This morning, we will discuss the concept of gay marriage. The primary question is, on which side of the ledger does it belong? Is it advancement or is it decay? Obviously, we will take a biblical approach to the matter – so stay with us as we open up this Pandora’s box and discuss the vital question – Is marriage between one man and one woman?

What are the Biblical Principles of Marriage?

…I now pronounce you husband and wife… You may now kiss your bride. These words conjure up thoughts of love, bliss and “until death do us part.” They make us think of “happily ever after” and a life of happiness in a committed relationship. Why then are so many marriages unhappy, falling apart and ending in divorce? What is the disconnect between the ceremony and life after the honeymoon? This program examines the biblical basis of marriage – how important is it as a commitment, what is it based upon, what does it require of you. Stay with us in our discussion of love, marriage, the Bible and “happily ever after.”