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How Does the Bible Describe a Kingdom on Earth?

Here at Christian Questions, for almost ten years, we have discussed many different topics. We specifically have found on the subject of Hell that there is no place of torment or purgatory. They simply don’t exist. Our study in search of truth finds that the Bible teaches a heavenly resurrection for the true Christian and an earthly resurrection for all the rest of humanity. Quite simply, this is a Heaven and Earth and not a Heaven and Hell scenario. The Creator designed a plan for the human family that lasts an eternity...and that’s a long time! A God that is merciful, patient, kind, full of grace and forgiving must have a clue for us to how this earthly kingdom of restoration and reformation is explained in His word. Stay with us while we find out what the Bible teaches about God’s kingdom on earth.

Was Chicken Little Right About the Sky Falling?

On this program, we have often spoken about the ending of this present age being a necessary prerequisite for the coming kingdom of God. The big question this morning is, where are we in the progression from this age to the next? Is it all coming soon? How soon? Is it something to be afraid of? Should we “head for the hills?” Stay with us as we look into this fascinating prophetic subject and try to get a handle on coming events from a biblical perspective.

Why be a Christian?

Last week we talked about God’s promise of a kingdom on earth, where all who have ever lived will have the opportunity to ultimately live in peace and harmony under the mighty rule of the Almighty God. We saw numerous scriptures that revealed this broad plan of salvation. This raised a question; if everyone will ultimately get the goodies, why bother to be a Christian now? Why put in all of the work, sacrifice and dedication when all men benefit anyway? On this program we look into what true Christianity is, what it costs and what its rewards are. Why be a Christian? Lots of reasons! Let’s look!

Did God Promise a Kingdom on Earth?

All Christians know the Lord’s prayer. It is taught when we are little children. Did you ever think about this phrase “thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven?ʺ Why would Jesus teach us to pray for God’s kingdom to come on earth if it was not to be? Are there any other references to this earthly kingdom in the Bible? Stay with us as we look into this matter of God and His promised kingdom: Where it will be? Who will be in it? When it will be? Why it will be? How it will all take place?