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Does God Predetermine Who Gets Baptized?

Baptism.  It is a sacred Christian symbol.  Its meaning will vary depending on one's denomination, but in all cases it holds a very sacred place in the lives of believers.  There are many questions that can be raised regarding this symbol.  Who should be baptized?  Is it necessary for salvation?  Is baptism merely a symbol or more than that?  Now, built upon the base of baptism, is another question:  Does God know or predestinate who will be His chosen ones?  If so, then why baptize?  Might we be baptizing the wrong people - people who actually have not been chosen and therefore giving them false hope?  On this podcast we look at baptism in the context of predestination.

Who or What is the Holy Spirit?

One of the unique aspects of Christianity is the way in which we believe the power and influence of God to work in our lives. That power and influence, better known as the Holy Spirit to some and the Holy Ghost to others, appears to be almost mystical. It is the power Jesus promised would be with us in his absence. It is described as being able to testify, intercede, encourage, teach and many other things. Just what is this Holy Spirit? Is it a power? Is it a person? How does it work? Through whom does it work? Can anyone have access to it? So many questions, so little time! Stay with us as we investigate the Holy Spirit and its biblical description.