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Does Delay Equal Disaster?

Most of us are not very patient, especially when we are facing a very difficult challenge. If we need help, well, we need help! And if it is a matter of life and death, then what possible reason could there be to delay? We will look into one of the dramatic events of Jesus’ life that focuses on these very circumstances. We have Jesus, a dying child, her frantic father, a crowd and a woman who has been sick for years. We have delay and we have a seeming disaster as a result of that delay. So, what is the message here? Why did Jesus delay and what can we learn from it? Stay with us! The drama is about to unfold!

Where Can We Find Hope?

Hope...all of life revolves around it. When it is absent, your world is dark and you are depressed. When you can’t see it, there is no clear direction for you to go. Ah, but when you have hope – true tangible hope - you can be excited! You anticipate and prepare for the future. With real hope, problems are reduced to challenges and obstacles become stepping stones. Obviously there is a major difference in life with hope and life without it. So our focus will be on what true hope is, how we can make it ours and by doing so, and how we can change our outlook! Stay with us, this could be GOOD!

What is the Basis of YOUR Faith?

Everybody has faith. It permeates our lives and often goes unnoticed, kind of like the air we breathe. Without faith, like air, we would suffocate in a life of despair. Think of it, how much faith does a small child have in their parent? How much faith does a patient have in their surgeon? How much faith do you have in your car’s brakes? On this program, we will look at faith from a variety of perspectives and try and understand what drives faith, and more importantly, what can we do to have our faith based in solid foundations. What can we do to be people of greater faith? Stay with us – it should be revealing! What is the basis of your faith?