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Can There be “Good Grief?”

Everyone has experienced loss in their life. Some have experienced far more than others and have had to learn to cope. In any event, loss – tragic loss especially - brings grief and grief brings a sense of facing overwhelming odds. So, how do we deal with grief? How do we cope with loss? How do we adjust to never getting to say goodbye? Are there things we should or should not do? What about helping our friends cope with grief? What should we do or say? Stay with us as we look into grief and try and find ways to not only cope, but make our grief “good” grief.

Are the Human Soul and Spirit the Same?

To a large degree, human beings are somewhat of a mystery. It is amazing how much we know about our form of life and it is even more amazing how little we know about it. What about the human soul and the human spirit? What are they? Can they die? Can you have one without the other? What about the body? Where does that fit in? Does a soul need a body? Does a body need a soul? Stay with us as we look into the scriptural definitions of these things to try and find the answers. For such an old book, written over such a long period of time by so many different writers, it will amaze you how clear the answers are to these questions!

Is Death the Beginning or the End?

Death and taxes - two sure things in life.  Interestingly, we have little control over either.  Seeing that this is not a financial program, we won’t talk about taxes - but we will talk about death.  Great!  What a depressing topic!  What is death all about anyway?  Do we immediately go somewhere when we die – meaning we actually don’t die, we just change form?  Or do we die, cease to exist, when we expire?  On this podcast we look at a topic that surely affects us all to determine what the Bible teaches on the subject.  Is death the beginning or the end?  Lets’ see…