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Are Muslims and Christians Compatible? (Part I)

A few weeks ago, we began looking into Islam to try and understand what its principles are as we witness the effects of radical Muslim extremists on our world today. We examined Islam’s peaceful approach to life and some of the similarities to Judaism and Christianity. This morning we will ask: What about Jihad? Who exactly was Mohammad? Who was the promised seed? What about Sharia law? What’s the difference between Sunni and Shiite?

Is Christianity a Cult?

Cult...the very word conjures up all kinds of dark and evil images in our minds. These images are of dominating and charismatic leaders and their lowly group of followers who are tethered to their every word, driven by their every vision and obedient to their every desire. Such images are rightfully disturbing. The question is, are there different kinds of cults – even some that can be good and wholesome, or are they all bad? Is Christianity a cult? Stay with us as we explore what cults are and how to watch our steps so we stay far away from any evil that can be associated with the dark side…

Is the Gospel Working or Failing?

It has been 2,000 years since Jesus walked the earth with the good tidings of the Gospel. When he finished his work, he left the infant religion of Christianity in the faithful hands of the twelve Apostles. These men “prospered and grew” Christianity. So 2,000 years later, in a world that is mostly non-Christian and largely secular, is the work of the Gospel still “prospering and growing?" Are we now achieving what our Lord Jesus set out for us to do? Stay with us as we look at the cold hard facts of Christianity in the world today.

Islam – Christianity – What’s the Difference? (Part II)

Last week we began a discussion on Islam and Christianity. Our objective was to portray mainstream Islam in an honest and positive light. This kind of portrayal is not often heard in our world today because the radical Islamic perspective (which is a minority) is so utterly dark, evil, and frankly, scary. This morning we are going to look into that scary belief system and try to do two things: One, we will portray it as clearly and honestly as we can, and two, we will address the all important question – what should we as Christians DO about it? Stay with us – this conversation is vital!

Islam – Christianity – What’s the Difference? (Part I)

These are troubling and difficult days. The world around us seems to be on fire with trouble and it seems as though there are few answers to the mounting problems that surround us. As simple as it may sound, one of our greatest challenges is simply understanding one another. It is no secret that there are growing tensions between the Muslim world and the Judeo-Christian world. So, what are the differences? Are there similarities? Do we all worship the same God? Stay with us as we open up a discussion regarding Islam and Christianity – what’s the difference?

What does it take to be a REAL Christian?

Will the “real” Christians please stand up?  Who are they?  If you were to ask Christians from five different denominations to give you a list of beliefs and character traits that make a "true" Christian, chances are you would get five different lists.  What does this mean?  How do we find the true qualifications?  Can someone be a true Christian just by saying so?  What should your life look like?  What should your beliefs reflect?  On this podcast we take a biblical perspective on a very difficult question:  What does it take to be a REAL Christian?