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Does Your Paradigm Need Shifting?

Happy New Year! It is 2011 and it is a new beginning – at least for the calendar anyway. What is your year going to look like? Do you have any changes planned? Is this the year that you will finally – well, you know, is this the year that you will finally – (now fill in the blank...) With a new year usually comes a review of what has been and a preview of what we would like to have happen. My question to you is this – along with your thinking about changes with your job, your home, your car, your weight, your habits etc., are you thinking about changes in your Godliness – are you thinking about how you can finally really make your faith be stronger and healthier? Stay with us as we talk about our thinking - how it works and how to elevate it to a higher spiritual level!

How Do You Change the World?

Changing the world. I’m sure that many of you listening have thought about that at one time or another. What would we do, how would we do it, what results would we look for. This morning, we are going to talk about how to change the world from two standpoints; one, our personal world, that is positively affecting those around us. This approach was inspired by the passing of a dear friend of ours, who while only in his 40’s was taken by cancer. Tim left his mark – he changed the world around him and we want to honor that this morning by observing his methods. 2nd, we will look at God’s plan to change the world – the whole world and trace his methods as well. It will come as no surprise to learn the similarities between them. So, stay with us as we learn just how to change the world!

What Will You Change?

Yes, it IS that time of year once again when we tend to take stock of what has happened over the past year or years and look forward to the New Year with thoughts and intentions of change, growth and betterment. All of this sounds very good, it sounds very noble and we even get excited about it, yet as we enter the New Year, we find that we are faced with an impenetrable truth – that is, our circumstances are the same. In spite of our desire for better, we still are living in the same house, driving the same car to the same job… Sound depressing? Actually, it’s not because what this does is reveal to us those things that we can truly change and that is the best news you will hear all day! Stay with us as we look into a biblical perspective on true changes in our lives.