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Are You a Prejudiced Christian?

In one way or another, prejudice has dominated human culture for thousands of years. Because prejudice is an internal characteristic, it is often hard to detect it until it has had time to develop and finally show itself in our words or actions. As Christians, can we be shielded from prejudice? Do the scriptures teach us how to avoid it or how to remedy its effects? Is prejudice ever a good thing? Stay with us this morning as we plunge into this wildly difficult topic and try to get a grip on a true Christian perspective.

Should We Ever Seek Vengeance?

"Trayvon Martin"...mention that name and you unleash a flood of emotion and turmoil. This young man was tragically shot to death at age 17 and his death has raised a firestorm of controversy. Was it self-defense? Was it racially motivated? Should his killer have been arrested immediately? Will there be justice? These are all questions that we have no answers for – sorry! What we do want to discuss though, is the emotion, reaction and desire by some for vengeance. Is vengeance ever appropriate for us to take? What if justice is NOT served? Does vengeance give closure? What does it really mean to leave things like this in God’s hands? Are the Old and New Testament different on this? Stay with us as we look into this important question.

Should a True Christian Have Attitude?

Everybody has attitude. For some of us, it is much easier to see the attitude than for others. Take a teenager for instance – their attitude is written all over their face, their body language and their words. Well, there is good news here and there is bad news here. The good news is, we can choose our attitudes should we desire to do so. The bad news is most of us, rather than choosing, allow our “default” attitude take center stage. Jesus saw this very problem with his followers and did something about it. Stay with us as we look into attitude, Christianity and our choices to see if a true Christian should have attitude.