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Ep.910: How Did Raising Others to Life Prepare Jesus for Death?

Lessons from the three people raised up to life by Jesus

How Did Raising Others to Life Prepare Jesus for Death?

Theme Scripture: John 11:4


Did you know that Jesus raised three different people from the dead? Most of us remember the raising of Lazarus and the dramatic scene when Jesus has the stone removed from the tomb and Jesus says with a loud and commanding voice “Lazarus come forth!” It is an event that sends chills down your spine as the power of God and the voice of Jesus conquer death. As dramatic as this was, it was only one of three such death-to-life events. The other two while different, relate to this account in showing just what it means for Jesus to conquer death and evil.

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Jairus’ daughter was only 12 years old when she became gravely ill. Jesus happened to be in town when she was sick, so Jairus sought him out and emphatically begged him to come and heal her. Jesus agreed, but seemed to get sidetracked on the way and the young girl died before he got there. Jesus raised her – he woke her from the sleep of death. So, what are the similarities and differences in these two accounts? Is there a significant connection to the true meaning of conquering death and evil?

There was a young man who died in Nain (a city in Israel) and he was the only son of a widow. She would now be destitute and the funeral procession was proceeding down the street when Jesus showed up. He stopped the procession and raised the young man back to life. Dramatic? Yes! But what does it mean? How is it connected to the other two events raising the dead to tell us details about what it means to truly conquer death and evil?

Check out our broadcast from March 20, 2016 “How Did Raising Others to Life Prepare Jesus for Death?” and see the surprising connections for yourself. These are three inspiring stories that blossom into an amazingly descriptive narrative that details the battle of life and death being waged by the forces of good and evil.

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