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Ep.813: Why Was Daniel So Special? (Part III)

Dream of the tree, writing on the wall, lion’s den

Why Was Daniel So Special?  (Part III)

Theme Scripture: Daniel 2:47


When you begin to grasp the life and times of Daniel the Prophet, what you find in your hands is pure inspiration, integrity, faith and courage. Here is a man who lived out his entire life far from his home in Israel and who, by God’s grace, turned captivity to a pagan nation into an opportunity to reveal the greatness of the One God and eventually win over the King who made him captive. When we grow up, we should all want to be like Daniel! Stay with us as we continue his story!

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  1. Question: Why does God reveal flaws in all the other Biblical Ancients (like Moses, David, Solomon, etc), but makes it look like Daniel had no flaws at all. I mean, even Elijah showed signs of discouragement and impatience… What makes Daniel different in that regard? Is there a reason?


    1. Interesting question! We can only accept what the Lord has seen fit to reveal. Knowing that the Ancients had weaknesses, yet were loved and favored by God for their efforts, however flawed, not only encourages us, but gives us confidence that the Bible is true. What other books reveal so many weaknesses in their heroes, yet were used of the Lord?

      Daniel did show signs of discouragement as told in the 9th chapter. He was told to seal up the book, despite the fact that he was sick at heart over not knowing what God chose not to reveal. Obviously Daniel was a singularly noble character, but we also realize that there “is none righteous, no not one,” so he certainly sinned as did all imperfect humans. We aren’t told the details because it would serve no additional purpose to do so. He lived well over a hundred years, so what we do know of his life is a very small portion. – Christian Questions


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