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Ep.239: What’s in a Name?

Names for God in the Old Testament

What’s in a Name?

Theme Scripture: Psalms 148:13



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  2. Did you ever consider going backwards and creating Rewinds for the older programs? Would love to see a list for this particular subject!

    1. Thank you for your request! We would love to have the Rewinds available for all programs pre-January 2010. However, because each Rewind takes between 9-15 hours to produce each week, it does not leave a lot of time to “work backwards,” as those on the Rewind team all have full-time jobs and have to work around temporal schedules. Hopefully in the future there will be more free time and we can tackle those older programs. Thank you again for the suggestion – keep them coming! – and for your being a loyal listener. – Christian Questions


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