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Ep.1172: How Did Jesus’ Resurrection Change Both Heaven and Earth?

Uncovering the far-reaching effects of Jesus' sacrifice

How Did Jesus’ Resurrection Change Both Heaven and Earth?

Theme Scripture: Philippians 2:10


As Christians, we unequivocally herald the death and resurrection of Jesus as being the absolute centerpiece of our faith. Further, we claim that the entire purpose of our Holy Bible is focused on these events as its primary message. These descriptions are overwhelmingly accurate. But why? Many Christians will answer that we are saved as a result of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and this is true. Others will say these events are proof of God’s loving plan for humanity, and this is true as well.  Let’s now take the time to look at these spectacular events through a different lens. Let’s observe them through the lens of change. What changed and will change in heaven as a result of Jesus’ death and resurrection? What changed and will change on earth? The answer on both counts is...plenty!

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Shocking change

What if I told you the death and resurrection of Jesus were the greatest change agents in all of the history of all of God’s creation? Would that seem like a stretch? In this recent podcast we examined the effects of these events from four very specific standpoints. We found a staggering amount of scriptural evidence to support this claim.

Sons of God

The first of the four areas the death and resurrection of Jesus dramatically changed is focused on our world today. Before these events, God dealt exclusively with His chosen people of Israel. Their relationship with Him was based on His sovereignty over them. Israel had to follow the rites and rituals of the Law to maintain His favor. After Jesus, a new way opened up. It is a way that enables us to be called "sons of God." This change is far more dramatic than most give it credit for. Previously, Adam and Jesus were the only humans to ever be called God’s sons. But now because of Jesus’ faithfulness, God’s spirit can dwell within us. That opens the door to sonship.

Further, remember that the gospel call became an invitation that could be heard worldwide. The name of Christ stands for positive influence, even though it has been tarnished and misused by powerful denominations over time. Think of how much better a place the world is as a result of true Christianity.

These things just scratch the surface of the changes that the death and resurrection of Jesus brought to our world today. We haven’t even considered the changes that have occurred within the spiritual realm. There is a present spiritual battle between good and evil raging everyday. Jesus stands right in the middle of it! Check out our April 5, 2021 podcast, “How Did Jesus’ Death and Resurrection Change Both Heaven and Earth?” for more. We outline how both the earthly and spiritual realms are different. More importantly, we look into the future and see how both will change in the future because of Jesus. Don’t miss this conversation, as it will deepen your reverence for our Lord and Master!

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