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Ep.515: What Protection does Your Shield Give?

Psalm 91 as a shield for life

What Protection does Your Shield Give?

Theme Scripture: Psalms 91:4


If you own a computer, you find it necessary to protect it from unwanted intrusions. To do this we set up shields to fend off spyware, adware and viruses. The problem is, you just can’t set up the shield and relax, for there are newer and nastier viruses coming out all the time, so it is necessary to continually update your shield and continually scan for any potential intruders. Now, let’s step back from this example for a moment... sounds just like a Christian life, doesn’t it? On this program we examine some of the “scriptural software shield packages” and get a sense of their instructions, their value, and even their “upgrade policies.” What protection does YOUR shield give? Let’s find out!

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