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Ep.483: Why was Jesus Born?

Jesus, his birth, life and purpose

Why was Jesus Born?

Theme Scripture: Luke 2:11


The thing I like most about Christmas is-_______! Well, what is it? Is it the season of winter and the skiing , skating and snowboarding that comes with it? Is it the holiday spirit of brotherhood generosity and giving that comes with it? Is it shopping and the sales, excitement and the new things that come with it? Is it time off and the parties vacation and leisure that comes with it? Is it the Christmas tree and the decorations, trimmings and presents that come with it? Is it family time and the meal desserts and camaraderie that come with it? What about Santa and the elves, reindeer and TV specials that come with him? Did I leave anything out? Did we capture all of the greatest things about Christmas that exist? Stay with us as we look at the simple, humble and profound reason for the season, a reason so compelling that it has life changing implications. Oh, by the way, it’s not on the list!

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