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Do the Unborn Have Rights?

A woman’s right to choose. A woman’s right to privacy. Lose your choice and lose your freedom. A woman’s body is her most prized possession. All of these slogans are centerpieces of the unending controversy surrounding abortion, a legal procedure. But should it be legal and so accessible? Are there reasons to doubt its place in our world, for the sake of the unborn and the sake of the potential mothers? Stay with us as we look into this very difficult subject and try and establish a biblical perspective on rights, life and courage in the face of great challenge.

Can White Witchcraft be Good?

Boo!! It’s that time of year when ghosts, goblins, skeletons, witches and sorcerers overrun not only our neighborhoods but much of the TV and movie industry as well. Soon they will all go back into hibernation until next year - all except witches, that is. Witchcraft, particularly that practiced as "Wicca," is a particularly burgeoning part of our culture, growing especially among young people. Should this be a problem? After all, Wicca practices “white” witchcraft, so it’s nothing to worry about – or is it? Stay with us as we look into Wicca – its origin, its practices its influence and of course, what the Bible says about such things...

Should We Support Gay Marriage?

The world and the times we live in present great opportunity, as well as great challenge. We are daily overwhelmed with the clamoring for individual rights by so many, and for the most part, this is a great thing. This morning we are going to look at one of the most volatile topics of all – gay rights and gay marriage. Where should we stand? Should we be supportive? Opposed? Does the Bible send a clear message on this? What did Jesus have to say?

Does God Bless America?

Tomorrow is America’s birthday – it was on the 4th day of July in 1776 that a document was signed in Congress that would inevitably change the course of world history – that document was the Declaration of Independence. What was it? It was a series of statements and decisions made to declare that God has given all men the right and freedom to pursue “life, liberty and happiness.” This call to freedom rang out here in America and has been ringing ever since. As we look back today, we ought to ask ourselves about our freedom – is it still the same kind of freedom the founders envisioned or has it become something else? Stay with us as we look into America, freedom, choices and God’s role in all of these things!

What About Suicide?

We all know someone who knows someone who has committed suicide. It is unfortunate to say that death by suicide is and always has been a fixed part of the human experience. What causes suicide? What leads someone to such a drastic act and can we help them? Is it an unforgivable sin or did Jesus' sacrifice address even this? How can we be better equipped to understand it and to be helpful to those vulnerable? Stay with us as we look into this sobering and difficult subject to find understanding, hope and courage. We believe it IS forgivable and present a lot of scriptural reasoning in this special podcast.

Glory to God! Christ is Risen!

It was a long time ago – about 2000 years when he came. The world was going on just as before when he began preaching at age 30. He died young, at age 33½, unjustly crucified for deeds he did not commit. He had no family, he personally wrote no books or lessons to be handed down through the ages, yet his life and his death are the most celebrated in all of history. Why? Because he changed human destiny! How could the change have been good, for 2,000 years later the world seems worse off than ever! His actions and teachings in those short 3½ years of preaching were only the beginning, for he started a new cycle in human history, the results of which will be clearly seen and understood in due time. For now, let’s just take some time and honor the life, death and resurrection of Jesus – the son of God and the Savior of men!

Why Jesus? Why the Passover?

It was over 2,000 years ago that the world changed. As we look back, we can trace the events of Jesus' last week to the fulfilling of many prophecies. The events of what we now call Palm Sunday were a striking beginning to a series of circumstances that showed the value of Jesus and his sacrifice in an unmistakable and inspiring way. This is the story that we tell. Stay with us as we look at Jesus, prophecy and the Jewish Passover and their remarkable correlations.

Islam – Christianity – What’s the Difference? (Part II)

Last week we began a discussion on Islam and Christianity. Our objective was to portray mainstream Islam in an honest and positive light. This kind of portrayal is not often heard in our world today because the radical Islamic perspective (which is a minority) is so utterly dark, evil, and frankly, scary. This morning we are going to look into that scary belief system and try to do two things: One, we will portray it as clearly and honestly as we can, and two, we will address the all important question – what should we as Christians DO about it? Stay with us – this conversation is vital!

Islam – Christianity – What’s the Difference? (Part I)

These are troubling and difficult days. The world around us seems to be on fire with trouble and it seems as though there are few answers to the mounting problems that surround us. As simple as it may sound, one of our greatest challenges is simply understanding one another. It is no secret that there are growing tensions between the Muslim world and the Judeo-Christian world. So, what are the differences? Are there similarities? Do we all worship the same God? Stay with us as we open up a discussion regarding Islam and Christianity – what’s the difference?

Are Children People Too?

Children – they are so sweet, adorable and predictable when they are infants – their needs are obvious and so caring for them takes an obvious path. Then something happens – they start to grow and develop a personality, a temperament, and preferences and suddenly what was once predictable now becomes more of a mystery and an adventure. So, what rights do children have? What rights do parents have? How do you know what kind of discipline should be used? How do you know where to set limits and boundaries? Stay with us as we discuss children, rights, discipline and the Bible!