What is the Price of True Freedom?

The call for freedom has rung in the ears of every human being throughout history. We seem to have an undeniable attraction to freedom – an attraction to living our lives with a freedom to choose – an attraction to living our lives with freedom from tyranny – an attraction to living our lives with freedom to pursue our dreams and our goals. There are many levels of freedom ranging from a simple freedom to choose what your next meal will be or what clothes you will wear, to freedom of speech and expression, to freedom of ownership. Many have sacrificed their lives and died for these freedoms. Stay with us as we talk about and try to define the price for true freedom.

How Do We Honor Fatherhood?

Today is a special day. It is a day set aside to honor the institution of fatherhood. It is a day set aside to let any fathers in your life know how much you appreciate their contributions, their examples and their leadership. It is a day set aside to give us the opportunity to stop taking fatherhood for granted, to pause and consider and to say thank you. Yes, it is a special day and yet, even as we speak, fatherhood continues to become less and less valued in our culture. It continues to take a back seat and it continues to be de-valued as a “necessary” part of our social structure. Stay with us as we look at fatherhood and focus on its value, its contribution and its example. How do we honor fatherhood? Well, stay with us and help!

How Do We Honor Motherhood?

Human nature can be a funny thing sometimes. We can have things in our lives that are valuable and important, things that make our lives happier and more fulfilled. What often happens with these things is after a while we take them for granted. They become familiar and commonplace so the shine begins to fade and we get to a point where we may not even take notice anymore. Well, these are some of the reasons we have a day set aside to honor mothers, for mothers are the classic example of a most vital element of life being drowned out and forgotten in the noise of our harried and busy lives. So, this morning we will remember – we will remember the value of motherhood, and the contributions and examples we have from some mothers in the Bible. Stay with us and help us honor motherhood.

Jesus is Risen; What Does it Mean?

Today is the day – Christians around the world celebrate the single most dramatic event that the world has ever seen, the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This event sealed the destiny of the human race, for it signified the coming death of sin and therefore the coming death of death. On this program, we will walk through the events surrounding this resurrection to better appreciate all of what it stood for: the justice, wisdom, power and love of our Heavenly Father as expressed through the miraculous life of Jesus, the Christ.

What Should Palm Sunday Mean to Us?

For Christians there is no more meaningful time of year than the spring. Aside from the natural cycle of the physical world coming back to life,spring is the season in which we celebrate the fact that life on earth had itsonce and forever life-altering event – the death and resurrection of JesusChrist. As we will see over these next two weeks of programs, this eventchanged the world forever. This week, we will focus on some of the events prior, particularly Palm Sunday and its magnificent significance in the overall unfolding of God’s plan. What should Palm Sunday mean to us? Stay with us and see just how important it is!

In God We Trust?

This weekend is a holiday weekend. Most of us had Friday off and many of us are having picnics, going to the beach, and having lots of fun. On this program we want to look at the reason for this holiday in the same manner we look at everything – from a biblical perspective. The 4th of July holiday is all about freedom, but it is also about the founding fathers' trust in God and His benevolence. Stay with us as we give respect to those who gave their lives so we could be a free people, and as we trace the role the God of Heaven played in their courage and actions. They trusted in God – do we?

He is Not Here; He is Risen!!

Throughout history, there have been many whose lives have had a massive impact on their world, for better or for ill. There have been leaders like Mahatma Ghandi, Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King Jr. There have been doctors and scientists like Louis Pasteur, Madame Currie and The Mayo Brothers. There have been inventors like Guttenburg, the Wright Brothers and Thomas Edison. There have been explorers like Louis and Clark and Sir Ernest Shackelton. There have been heroes like Mother Theresa, Jackie Robinson and Harriet Tubman. And there have been those who have overcome unthinkable odds, like Helen Keller and Ludwig Van Bethoven. All of these lives were of great impact and importance. On this program we are going to focus on another life - the life of one man - the man Christ Jesus, whose impact was so great on this world that the full effect of it has not yet been understood, much less felt. Join us as we honor this life and its sacrifices, lived 2000 years ago that forever changed the course of humanity. Jesus Christ – He is Risen!!!

On Palm Sunday – Where did Jesus Lead Us?

Leadership is an amazing thing. When you come across a true leader, they change you. The very best of leaders can focus you and help you to see that which was out of your vision. They can inspire you and help you to have courage to do things you may have previously believed as undoable. They can strengthen you and help you fight when you would have normally given up. They lead you. They lead you by their example, their courage, their wisdom and their vision. Jesus was such a leader. This program looks at his leadership in the context of what is now known as Palm Sunday – a day that symbolized the greatest of victories and yet was instrumental in the death of the victor. What was the real victory of Palm Sunday? Where did Jesus lead us in this victory?

What Will You Change?

Yes, it IS that time of year once again when we tend to take stock of what has happened over the past year or years and look forward to the New Year with thoughts and intentions of change, growth and betterment. All of this sounds very good, it sounds very noble and we even get excited about it, yet as we enter the New Year, we find that we are faced with an impenetrable truth – that is, our circumstances are the same. In spite of our desire for better, we still are living in the same house, driving the same car to the same job… Sound depressing? Actually, it’s not because what this does is reveal to us those things that we can truly change and that is the best news you will hear all day! Stay with us as we look into a biblical perspective on true changes in our lives.

Why was Jesus Born?

The thing I like most about Christmas is-_______! Well, what is it? Is it the season of winter and the skiing , skating and snowboarding that comes with it? Is it the holiday spirit of brotherhood generosity and giving that comes with it? Is it shopping and the sales, excitement and the new things that come with it? Is it time off and the parties vacation and leisure that comes with it? Is it the Christmas tree and the decorations, trimmings and presents that come with it? Is it family time and the meal desserts and camaraderie that come with it? What about Santa and the elves, reindeer and TV specials that come with him? Did I leave anything out? Did we capture all of the greatest things about Christmas that exist? Stay with us as we look at the simple, humble and profound reason for the season, a reason so compelling that it has life changing implications. Oh, by the way, it’s not on the list!