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VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Why Did Tongues of Fire Touch the Apostles?

The events of that first Day of Pentecost after Jesus’ resurrection were a unique, once in all of history occurrence. Many Christian churches today still believe in the gift of speaking in tongues, but with dramatic differences. Modern tongues are spoken with unintelligible sounds as many believe that they are speaking a “prayer language” to God. But are they? Watch this short vlog then listen to the full podcast of the same name for more.

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – What Can I Do Now About Procrastination Later?

Ugh. We all procrastinate at some time, but why? We know time is precious and a gift from God, so why aren't we using it better? What steps or habits can we cultivate to prevent ourselves from being in a constant state of procrastination stress? Watch this quick vlog then listen to the entire podcast of the same name for the answers to these questions and supporting Scriptures.

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – How Do You Bloom Where You Are Planted?

For a Christian, blooming where planted is about putting down our Christian roots in the life God gave to us. Blooming comes from watering, feeding and sunshine – it’s a result of acquiescing to the will and way of God. Sometimes we begin to focus on the uncertain future and think "There’s Doom where I’m planted!” It is so easy to gloomily look ahead. So how does a Christian find contentment? Watch this short vlog and listen to the full podcast of the same name.