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VIDEO: What is Mercy?

The Bible represents mercy as “active compassion.” Compassion is a sympathetic concern for those who are suffering. Our two best examples of showing mercy come from God and His son Jesus.  Have your kids watch this short animated video now to learn more about mercy!

VIDEO: Who Was Joshua?

Joshua was Moses’ assistant, a strong and brave military leader, and with God’s direction he led the Israelites into Caanan. He was faithful to God, always trusting in His promises and His word, just as we should. For more on this story, watch this short video designed for children.

VIDEO: What Is the Fruit of the Spirit?

Fruit of the Spirit are good qualities a Christian spends a lifetime developing. If we try our best to be loving and kind with our thoughts, words, and actions toward others, God will be pleased, and these positive qualities can begin to develop in us. To learn more about these good qualities, have your young ones watch this short animated video.

VIDEO: How Can We Be More Like Jesus? (Part 2)

Jesus’ character and the way he lived offers excellent examples of ways we can copy him. We can do this by doing our best to live peacefully with others, study the scriptures, be gentle and humble, trust God, help others, resist Satan’s attacks, and always obey God. Have your youngsters watch this short animated video Part 2 to learn about the ways they can be more like Jesus.