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VIDEO: CQ Kids – How Can We Praise God?

“To praise” means to express warm admiration. It’s always appropriate to praise our Heavenly Father! There are many ways to show Him our appreciation for everything He does for us. Singing hymns is also a wonderful way to praise and honor God. Hymns are like prayers set to music. We can praise God by studying the Bible and learning more about Him and His son, Jesus...

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – How Do You Bloom Where You Are Planted?

For a Christian, blooming where planted is about putting down our Christian roots in the life God gave to us. Blooming comes from watering, feeding and sunshine – it’s a result of acquiescing to the will and way of God. Sometimes we begin to focus on the uncertain future and think "There’s Doom where I’m planted!” It is so easy to gloomily look ahead. So how does a Christian find contentment? Watch this short vlog and listen to the full podcast of the same name.

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Do Tithes and Offerings Belong in Christianity?

Many churches claim that “tithing,” church members donating 10% of their income, has an obvious Old Testament foundation. Does it? Old Testament tithing was land based and no tithe was ever given in monetary form. Is there any connection to what happens today? Watch this short vlog then listen to the podcast of the same name for an eye-opening discussion!