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How Do You Manage Failure? (Part I)

Nobody likes failure.  Even when we have been told that failure is good for us, that it is a stepping stone and that you don’t learn from success nearly as much as you learn from failure, we still don’t like it!  For many of us, failure can be discouraging, debilitating and even depressing.  So, what […]

Why Doesn’t Anyone Listen to Me?

We all need to be heard, and we all need to be acknowledged.   We all need that feeling of validation that comes with being personally recognized as having value, and all of this comes through the important tool of communication.  The problem is that we have become terrible at both the giving and receiving […]

Is Christianity Really the Light of the World?

The world is systematically becoming a dark place.  It is not that people are purposely looking to dwell in darkness.  It is that people – many people – have come to believe in things that had their origin in darkness and treachery.  Wherever you look you can see the subtle creeping in of thinking, philosophies […]

What’s Your Hurry?

We are not patient.  Not anymore.  It used to be just a few decades ago that when you needed to talk to someone far away, you waited until the day ended, went home, had dinner and then you tried to call them.  Several decades before that, you thought about what you wanted to say, wrote […]

How Sweet is Revenge?

Revenge – the desire for it can be a powerful and even overwhelming emotion.  Sadly, thinking about revenge can be a fun, motivating and bonding experience, as it occupies our minds with creative and yet often diabolical means with which to carry out our purpose.  It is amazing how the development of such a negative […]

Does Your Mind Have Fraud Protection?

So, have you ever been or have you ever known someone who has been a victim of fraud?  You know, had their credit card number stolen or their bank account hacked or their social security number breached?  It is all quite real and it is all quite unsettling.  Now, have you heard the term “fake […]

Will God’s Vengeance Squash Us Like Bugs?

Vengeance, indignation, burning anger and jealousy.  These are some of the words the Bible uses to describe God’s reactions to this present evil world.  To put it mildly, God is not happy.  Can you blame Him?  Look at us – look at what this world does, what it stands for and how we treat one […]

Why Can’t I Just Be Happy?

You want to be happy.  I want to be happy.  Everyone wants to be happy, I mean, who wouldn’t want to be happy?  The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America talks about “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as being unalienable rights of humanity.  What can we conclude from all of […]

Virtual Sex and Pornography – Does God Care?

Never before have we been in such a place of insidious contradiction.  On the one hand technology has opened a once locked door of accessibility, for anyone with an internet connection can now reach that which was once thought to be unreachable regarding knowledge understanding and goodness.  On the other hand technology has given the […]

Jesus’ Resurrection – What Changed?

After the greatest act of love ever committed, Jesus lay dead in a donated tomb.  His loyal companions and followers were stunned, sickened by what they had witnessed.  But beyond the gory details of this death, they were hit with the uncomfortable thought that perhaps all they had known the past 3 ½ years was […]