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What Should We Be Praying For?

Lots and lots of people pray, and we pray for all kinds of things from wanting more material things in our lives to wanting to be healed from disease or injury, to wanting bad experiences to end. While we also pray for God’s will to be done, it seems as though the focus of most […]

Does Science Show the Existence of a Creator?

“Materialism” is a philosophy that permeates much of the world today. It is the belief that physical stuff underlies everything real, and it rejects any supernatural forces as having influence in our world. It teaches that the universe came into existence on its own, without any intelligence or design behind it; and it has proceeded […]

But Do You Really Like Yourself?

Most of us really don’t like ourselves. We are too tall or short, too fat or thin, too reserved or too lazy. We don’t like ourselves because we don’t think before we act or we think too much and don’t act at all. We don’t like ourselves because we are not attractive enough or we […]

Freedom and Responsibility – Still Important?

We are blessed. We live in a country where freedom of speech and assembly are a given – a country where we can choose who to worship and how we accomplish that worship. We live in a country where we can apply ourselves, work hard and attain levels of success that are not only rare, […]

How Do You Stand When Life Gets Too Heavy?

Life can get heavy sometimes. It can happen for all kinds of reasons – our own poor judgment or mistakes, circumstances beyond our control, accidents or a tragedy. Whatever the reason, the fact is that sometimes life just becomes a heavy burden. When life does get heavy we begin to doubt and to fear, which […]

Is WHAT You Believe that Big of a Deal?

To figure out how important the substance of what we believe is, we really need to go back before the varied traditions of Christian thinking developed to the time when the original messengers of the Gospel were on the scene.  That would be the twelve Apostles and what we find there is telling.  For instance, […]

How Do You Learn to Truly Trust?

…But do you trust me? Such a question pierces right down to the heart of any matter, for true trust is sacred. Any relationship – be it family, friends, business or otherwise – will thrive when it is intact. With it, growth, change and the conquering of obstacles are all not only possible but probable. […]

What is the Legacy of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection?

Easter Sunday is the Sunday that the Christian world traditionally celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Obviously this follows Good Friday, the day we honor his suffering and crucifixion.  These events would change the world, both immediately after they happened as well as forever after that.  Somehow these miraculous world-changing accounts of crucifixion and resurrection have […]

How Did Raising Others to Life Prepare Jesus for Death?

Did you know that Jesus raised three different people from the dead? Most of us remember the raising of Lazarus and the dramatic scene when Jesus has the stone removed from the tomb and Jesus says with a loud and commanding voice “Lazarus come forth!” It is an event that sends chills down your spine […]

What Does the Bible Say About the ISIS Crisis?

ISIS has become a household name. Most of us don’t even know exactly what the initials stand for, but we do know what the ideology stands for: terrorism, violence and crimes against those who don’t think, act and believe the way that they do.  Somehow these radical Islamist terrorists seem to believe that by brutalizing, […]