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VIDEO: CQ Kids – How Do We Know God Exists When We Can’t See Him?

TRANSCRIPT:  How do we know God exists when we can’t see Him? God is a spirit being, which means, like all spirit beings, He’s invisible.  However, we don’t need to see Him to know He’s there. We can’t see the wind, but we CAN see what the wind can do – we can see the […]

VIDEO: Bible 101 – Is it Better to be Married or Stay Single?

Marriage was established and blessed by God in the Garden of Eden and the scriptures give man free choice regarding the decision to marry. The Apostle Paul, who was unmarried, encouraged Christians to consider doing the same. “I wish that all people were as I am.” He reasoned that an unmarried person is able to […]

VIDEO: CQ Kids – Is it Ever Okay to Lie?

Proverbs 6:17 says God HATES lying, so this sin is pretty serious! We’re trying to copy JESUS, and he is our standard for everything. Jesus NEVER lied, so to be like him, we must try to do the same. The Bible shows us lots of examples of when lying brought trouble, hardship, and heartache. What […]

How Do I Strike Back at Betrayal?

No one ever wants to experience betrayal.  It is easily one of the most devastating life events we can imagine.  When we come face-to-face with it, it shocks, breaks and undermines much – if not all – of what we hold dear.  For many, once we are betrayed it becomes a cancer that cannot be […]

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – How Do I Strike Back at Betrayal?

Betrayal is one of the worst feelings we can have and causes ripple effects throughout our life and those around us. There is relief! Watch this short vlog then listen to the full podcast of the same name to chart your path out of this despair. (0)

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – What is the Meaning of Loyalty?

Loyalty is squarely built upon three core beliefs; trust, a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose. Trust comes from words, actions or a track record that builds confidence. When we feel safer or better off as a result of someone or something, we trust. A Christian’s trust is based on the ever solid […]

What is the True Meaning of Loyalty?

Humanity is built for loyalty. We have wired within us a longing to be seen and accepted by others as trusted and important. We are also blessed with a deep desire to give allegiance and live with faithfulness to those whom we deem worthy of our fidelity. If you just stop and think about being […]

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Did Jesus REALLY Die for Everyone?

How could Jesus have died for just the chosen and still have redeemed the entire human race? The Bible seems to send mixed messages on this question, however if we look at the big picture context of these things it reveals a whole new level of meaning. To get answers to these seemingly contradictory Scriptures, […]

Did Jesus REALLY Die for Everyone?

Every Christian adheres to and celebrates the belief that Jesus died to pay for our sins.  In the spirit of Jesus’ own words saying “there is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved,” we go about preaching the good news of the salvation made available through the life, death and resurrection […]

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – How Do I Relight the Fire of My Christian Faith?

Sometimes we go along with everything running full steam ahead and we feel very close to the Lord. Other times, life gets in the way and our Christian world seems distant and less important. How do we get that zeal back? Watch this short vlog and then listen to the podcast of the same name […]