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Is Being a Christian a Heavy Burden?

The New Testament describes Christianity in a variety of ways. From our theme text it would seem that journey would be restful and easy. From other texts, it would seem like to be a Christian means sacrifice and difficulty. So, the thousand dollar question is, can you have a peaceful and restful experience as a […]

What Really Happens on Judgment Day?

When someone wrongs us, we want justice and judgment to have their say in that person’s consequences. When we wrong someone, while not necessarily being opposed to justice and judgment, we certainly want mercy to be a part of our consequences. The Bible often speaks of a “Day of Judgment” coming in the future. What […]

Why Does God Permit Suffering?

No human being wants to see suffering and pain. I think that we all cringe inside when we look upon someone who suffers. We want to take their pain away, we want to help, we want to make it stop. Whether the pain is of their own doing or not, humanity has compassion on those […]

Is There Eternal Fire in Hell?

At some point or other in our lives, we all come face to face with the question of “what happens next” regarding life after death. Who gets what reward or punishment? For many Christians, the answer is filled with stark clarity. It will be either heaven or hell. What does that really mean? Are the […]

What Makes Prayer Work?

Prayer is a phenomena. Think about it – the Christian concept is that you as an individual have the privilege and power of communicating with the Creator of all things. Little you! Insignificant little you can praise, honor and even petition the Creator. How does this work? Are there requirements? Are there special words or […]

What Makes a Successful Christian?

In our world today, success is an integral part of all that we do. We love success. It is a way to label progress, it is a reason for congratulation, and it is a vision for our future. We honor those who have it. We attribute wisdom to those who have experienced it continually. Yet, […]

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Are you your brother’s keeper? Are you? Are you responsible for his health, his well being, his wealth and his happiness? Is it your place to intervene in his daily affairs? Do you have the right to correct him when he goes astray? Would you want your brother to have this “keeping” power over you? […]

He is Not Here; He is Risen!!

Throughout history, there have been many whose lives have had a massive impact on their world, for better or for ill. There have been leaders like Mahatma Ghandi, Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King Jr. There have been doctors and scientists like Louis Pasteur, Madame Currie and The Mayo Brothers. There have been inventors like […]

On Palm Sunday – Where did Jesus Lead Us?

Leadership is an amazing thing. When you come across a true leader, they change you. The very best of leaders can focus you and help you to see that which was out of your vision. They can inspire you and help you to have courage to do things you may have previously believed as undoable. […]