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Who Sets Our Moral Standards?

Our world can be a confusing place. When it comes to defining right and wrong, there are inevitable interpretations, applications and disagreements. When it comes to making a decision which includes some level of moral judgment, there are a myriad of possibilities, factors and extenuating circumstances which cloud the issue. When it comes to doing […]

One Nation Under Who?

Today is a day unique in America, for history tells us that it was 234 years ago on this day that a group of men gathered in Philadelphia and approved the final draft of a declaration that would dramatically change their lives and eventually change the world. That Declaration of Independence would mark America as […]

What’s Next for Israel in Prophecy? (Part I)

Even a superficial reading of the Bible will demonstrate that Israel plays an important role in End Times. Students of the Bible have been much interested in Israel from a biblical standpoint. But there are many legitimate questions about why she is still included in the Divine Plan and what exactly her role is to […]

What Makes a Dad?

Here we are, nearing the end of another June. This can mean a number of different things…kids are getting out of school for the summer – some are graduating; basketball and hockey have ended and baseball season is in full swing. Summer is officially beginning (tomorrow as a matter of fact). Yes, June is a […]

Why Do We Pray?

Prayer. It is a central activity of most any religion. For people who are very religious, prayer is one of the very basics of their lives. For many who are not normally religious, prayer comes into play when tragedy enters their life and they are suddenly faced with the mortality of themselves or their loved […]

Is YOUR Foundation Solid?

No matter who we are and no matter what it is we may believe in, we always have some kind of foundation that our beliefs are built upon. Sometimes that foundation is weak and sometimes it is very strong. Just because you are a follower of Christ doesn’t automatically mean that your foundation is solid. […]

What Makes a Christian Leader?

If you look around the world we live in, you will see all kinds of crises. There are worldwide political, ecological, and social crises. There are family and religious crises. There are national crises of debt, jobs and economy. With all of these varied crises, there is one element that is common to all. I […]

Is God Biased? (Part II)

Last week we began to look into whether or not God is biased. The working definition we used was, “An inclination that prevents an unprejudiced consideration of a matter.” Why is this question an important enough matter to continue with this week? Think about it – if God were to be biased, then by definition […]

Is God Biased? (Part I)

Have you ever been in a situation, perhaps as a kid where you observed someone getting special treatment? Maybe it was that kid in school who seemed to get extra privileges or your brother or sister being treated differently than you? Remember how that made you kind of mad? Remember when you got some special […]

What Makes a Mom?

Today is a day of special significance, for it is the national holiday we know as Mother’s Day. It is a day set aside to honor and respect the hardest working and most under-appreciated member of our family – mom. It is on this day that we give the cards, the chocolates, the balloons, the […]