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Does Christianity Require an Attitude Check?

Attitude – it is simply one of those things that we just don’t think much about, but probably should.  Your attitude pretty much governs most everything about you…  You go to work one day with a lousy attitude and guess what?  You have a lousy day!  Go to work the next day with a great […]

How Did Jesus Describe “The Kingdom of Heaven”?

We all know that Jesus came to save the world from sin and death. We all know that Jesus opened the way to heaven for his truest followers. We all also know that Jesus taught frequently about the “Kingdom of Heaven.” What we may not know is what he meant by that phrase, because it […]

So, Why Hasn’t God Destroyed Evil?

We believe in God. He is the Almighty Creator. But if you look around, what do you see? Watch the news and you will not only get depressed but probably scared as well. Here in our country, several Christians were gunned down while at a Bible study. A local sheriff was murdered while putting gas […]

Do the Fires of Hell Come From God? (Part III)

The world is messed up. If you believe in God, then you most likely believe in some sort of ultimate justice system. The question is, what does God’s system of justice consist of – what kind of penalty? For generations, the majority of Christianity has believed in a hell of fire and torment as the […]

How Do We Develop Endurance?

Life has become quick and easy – think about it – we have instant coffee, instant oatmeal, Instagram, Instant Messenger, fast food, Jiffy or Quick Lube and “while-you-wait” service. We can instantly see our photos, instantly send and receive our mail, instantly buy or sell online and instantly see 75 different versions of what is […]

The Gay Marriage Law – How Do We Respond?

The world is changing. It is changing at an ever-quickening pace and in a more dramatic and fundamental way than ever, as well. Within the last few months, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of gay marriage, changing the definition of a 6,000 year-old institution. Okay, so what should we as […]

The Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule – Why Bother?

So often when people think about the Bible, they think of an ancient book full of rules given by a God who was jealous and angry in the Old Testament, and they think about Jesus as a representation of love and kindness in the New Testament. Our present social culture has decided that any necessary […]

VIDEO: CQ BIBLE 101 – What’s the Truth About Hell?

Does the Bible really teach that hell is a place of torment? Will the majority of the human race really burn for all eternity? Find out what the Bible actually says about hell. You might be pleasantly surprised.   (7)

How Does God Speak to Us Here and Now? (Part II)

A few weeks ago Part I, we began to talk about how God communicates to us in our day. We began by looking at the biblical history of God and humanity and really spent most of our time talking about how He does NOT communicate with us now. This week we will focus on what we […]

VIDEO: CQ BIBLE 101 – Where is God?

Where is God when our loved ones die? When there are school shootings and natural disasters? In under three minutes, start learning about why God allows bad things to happen now and about His plan to eventually do away with all sin, sickness and pain. (2)