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Did Jesus Die for Muslims?

Examining where Muslims fit in God's plan of salvation
Did Jesus Die for Muslims?

Theme Scripture: Romans 5:18


As Christians, we pin all of our hopes on the belief that Jesus was crucified and died for our sins. This is the bottom line core reason for our coming to Christ for it speaks of him doing something for us out of pure love that we in no way could do for ourselves. To us the sacrifice of Jesus represents the ultimate gift. Those outside of Christianity often look at this belief with disdain and even sarcasm for to them it is foolishness and evidence of a blood thirsty god. One question that is probably not talked about much is about the breadth of Jesus’ sacrifice – who did it cover and how do we know? In the present conditions of our world, the Muslim faith is often thought about and referenced. What do Muslims think of Jesus? While they do believe in him, they don’t see him as a redeemer. Does this mean that they are not covered by his sacrifice?

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This is obviously a touchy subject, because like it or not, discussing Islam even in the brightest and most positive way can easily lead a variety of emotional responses from upbeat and accepting right down to angry and condemning.  So, to try and avoid the emotional rollercoaster, we laid a foundation. We said from the very beginning that:

  1. Our representations of Islam would only be done through the words of Muslims themselves or from third party reporting that we deemed objective.
  2. We would view Islam in a positive light and therefore make no room to entertain the interpretations of the minority radical and hateful sects that seem to get all of the attention.
  3. We have no plan or desire to attempt to translate the meaning of the Quran – we leave that to those who have studied it and believe in it.
  4. Our beliefs regarding Islam are straightforward. We believe that it is not an accurate representation of the God of the Universe or his plans and purposes – but – we do not discount the positive examples of moral living and principles that are shown to us by so many upstanding moral and peaceful Muslims.

With the previous foundation in place, our objective was to compare how Muslims view God, Jesus and the Scriptures of the Bible with our own take on these matters as those who believe in that the Bible is the inspired word of God.  As we approached the similarities and differences, we began to be able to clearly view not only perceptions of Jesus’ role but the scripturally-explicit guidelines of his role.  One glaring reality we discussed was the absolute inability to  have both perspectives “be right.”  In the case of these two belief systems, one really does have to choose which perspective (if any) they see worthy of following.

In short, we attempted to have a frank conversation about differing beliefs without going down the road of condemning or insulting.  We would encourage you to check out our January 30, 2017 podcast, “Did Jesus Die for Muslims?” and see for yourself why we gave an answer that some may consider surprising to that question.  Hopefully you will listen and tell us what you think!

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  1. The question is somewhat invalid. Asking if Jesus’s death and resurrection provide salvation to a group of people is fundamentally unanswerable. Salvation is personal. It is the individual’s decision that they will trust Jesus with their lives and their salvation. It is not just accepting His teaching or example. The only biblically accurate answer is “If a Muslim accepts Jesus as God’s Son and that His sacrificial death, resurrection, and ongoing Lordship, that person is no longer a Muslim, but a Christian. If they continue to deny Him, He will deny them before the Father. He will do so because He died for all who will accept Him. There are no “blanket style salvations”.

    1. Thank you very much for writing. We hope you get a chance to listen to this podcast, as our understanding of the matter is a little different based on the different roles described for Jesus as the Advocate (1 John 2:1-2) on behalf of his footstep followers now (just as you said – it is the individual’s decision to trust in his salvation), but Jesus takes on the role of the Mediator (1 Timothy 2:5-6) for the entire world after their resurrection. For the majority of all mankind who ever lived (including those who died before Jesus became a man so they would have no way of “knowing” him, those who do not have the mental capacity to comprehend his sacrifice or died in childbirth and yes, even those who openly rejected him), we believe he died for ALL, giving ALL an opportunity for resurrection in the kingdom. A that time, Satan will be bound and they will finally have an unblinded opportunity to get to know God and His ways of righteousness. If after full knowledge (in contrast to today when we must walk by faith and not sight) they STILL reject Jesus’ sacrifice, they will go into what Revelation called “the second death,” from which there is no resurrection or additional ransom price paid by an redeemer. For those who believe in Jesus NOW and are trying to follow in his footsteps in a life of sacrifice, he is our Advocate – he sits beside us when we approach the Father. To the world of mankind later, he is the Mediator, a go between to reconcile the world back to God – restoring all that was lost from Adam’s sin.

      Please also download the (free) CQ Rewind written transcript of this program so you can see our reasoning laid out as you listen. Feel free to write back with any comments at any time. We wish you the very best in your studies as we all continue to search for God’s will in lives. – Christian Questions

  2. if they ACCEPT him as the SON OF GOD and not just a Prophet and ask HIS forgiveness they CAN be saved….but if they DENY him and who he is {God in the Flesh} then they have turned their back on salvation and are lost


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