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What Can We Learn From Noah? (Part I)

The faith and action of Noah in an evil world
What Can We Learn From Noah? (Part I)

Theme Scripture: Genesis 6:9


There are many accounts in the Bible that really run along the edge of reality for many of us here today. Think about it – Balaam’s donkey talks, the sun stands still for Joshua in a battle, Jesus rises from the dead and goes to heaven… These are fantastic and unbelievable to many. And then there is the story of Noah. Here is a man around 500 years old who builds a boat to save his family and the animals from a devastating flood! Now THAT is amazing! So, what is there about this story of Noah that rings true for us today? Is his experience a warning for us here and now?

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  1. RE: Psalm 40:2 – “He brought me out of a destructive pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet on a rock.”

    Had Noah left the ark too soon, he would have stepped into a quagmire of miry clay, mud and silt that would have sucked him down into a quicksand-like pit. Time was needed for the earth to dry enough to support even the weight of an elephant.

    I wonder a lot about the dinosaurs… why did they exist and what were they for? (but that’s another subject! *G*)


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