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Should it be Israel or Palestine?

Our world is full of controversy. There are controversies over politics, equal rights, taxation, economic principles, global warming and the right to life, to name a few. Amongst the most noted and longest lasting controversies of our day is the controversy over Israelies, the Palestinians, and the land that they both live on. Think about it – in an oil rich region where there are over 220 million Arabs residing, one of the greatest world-wide attention getters is the tiny sliver of land called Israel – a land of NO oil to speak of, 6 million Jews and about 1 million Arabs. Swirling around this tiny land that is about the size of New Jersey are questions about who has a right to claim the land as their own and who doesn’t. Stay with us as we look into this question from a biblical, historical and present day perspective. Should it be Israel or Palestine?

Who Will be Elected?

In just two days, America will go to the polls to decide the next President of the United States. This election has been a hard fought, divisive, nasty and important battle, for the next Commander-in-Chief will inherit massive power, massive opportunity and massive problems in almost every area of governance. Comparing the ideology and background of the two candidates is like comparing night and day – the big debate is deciding who represents night and who represents day! Who will win? Is this the most important election of our time or could there possibly be another election happening whose results will have a much more profound effect on our world now and in the future? Stay with us as we delve NOT into politics, but into the greatest and most important election the world has ever seen…

How Fearful Should We Be?

We are living in a fearful time. Over the past few weeks, the world has plunged into a gripping financial crisis that has nearly paralyzed world economics. Credit on an international level is nearly frozen and this has a trickledown effect that has the potential to be more like a waterfall than a trickle. So, what do you and I do? How should we acting and reacting? Should we be afraid? How afraid? How did we get here? Whose fault is it? Stay with us as we look into this crisis, attempt to understand it and most importantly, look to put fear in its proper perspective.

In God We Trust?

This weekend is a holiday weekend. Most of us had Friday off and many of us are having picnics, going to the beach, and having lots of fun. On this program we want to look at the reason for this holiday in the same manner we look at everything – from a biblical perspective. The 4th of July holiday is all about freedom, but it is also about the founding fathers' trust in God and His benevolence. Stay with us as we give respect to those who gave their lives so we could be a free people, and as we trace the role the God of Heaven played in their courage and actions. They trusted in God – do we?