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How Do You Learn to Truly Trust?

…But do you trust me? Such a question pierces right down to the heart of any matter, for true trust is sacred. Any relationship – be it family, friends, business or otherwise – will thrive when trust is intact. With trust, growth, change and the conquering of obstacles are all not only possible but probable. […]

What is the Legacy of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection?

Easter Sunday is the Sunday that the Christian world traditionally celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Obviously this follows Good Friday, the day we honor his suffering and crucifixion.  These events would change the world, both immediately after they happened as well as forever after that.  Somehow these miraculous world-changing accounts of crucifixion and resurrection have […]

How Did Raising Others to Life Prepare Jesus for Death?

Did you know that Jesus raised three different people from the dead? Most of us remember the raising of Lazarus and the dramatic scene when Jesus has the stone removed from the tomb and Jesus says with a loud and commanding voice “Lazarus come forth!” It is an event that sends chills down your spine […]

What Does the Bible Say About the ISIS Crisis?

ISIS has become a household name.  Most of us don’t even know exactly what the initials stand for, but we do know what the ideology stands for:  Terrorism, violence and crimes against those who don’t think, act and believe the way that they do.  Somehow these radical Islamist terrorists seem to believe that by brutalizing, […]

What Will the World Look Like in the 22nd Century?

Everybody wants to know what the future will look like and with all of the myriads of ways we can connect with each other, we certainly are not shy about telling others what we personally think the future will bring.  Depending on the school of thought that you come from, looking ahead one hundred years […]