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Elijah (Part II) The Power of Submission

Two weeks ago we talked about Elijah and the incredible courage he had toward accomplishing God’s will. We saw him prophesy, take responsibility, wait, perform miracles, wait some more, appear before his greatest enemy and overwhelmingly conquer in a challenge to prove that God is in fact God over all. The next thing we knew, […]

Did Jesus Die for Muslims?

As Christians, we pin all of our hopes on the belief that Jesus was crucified and died for our sins. This is the bottom line core reason for our coming to Christ for it speaks of him doing something for us out of pure love that we in no way could do for ourselves. To […]

Elijah (Part I) The Power of Courage

Courage is perhaps the most underrated, under-appreciated and invisible virtue of our time.  We are so busy complying with the status quo, with watching our words and with following what others say and do on social media that we seem to have forgotten the simple yet powerful virtue of courage.  Courage is stepping up, stepping […]

Was Jesus Politically Correct?

George Orwell’s 1949 book, 1984, was about the future.  It was a scary and suggestive look at what could happen to society if we didn’t protect our freedoms from totalitarianism.  The idea that “Big Brother is watching” was a fearful one, as this fictional story gave the feeling that what we say and think are […]

How Much Should Christians Compromise?

The ability to compromise is a lost art.  We have become so diverse in our thinking, so polarized in our viewpoints and so set in our conclusions as unequivocally right, that the mere idea of compromise is in some cases viewed as a repulsive evil.  Now look – there are times when compromise should be […]

So, What Should I Be Doing Differently?

How is it that life seems to go by so fast?  How is it that we more often than not look back on our life – the things we did and what we became – with a measure of regret, knowing that we could have been more or contributed more?  Have you ever stopped to […]

Are You Dreaming of the Right Christmas?

Christmas has come – the hustle and the bustle, the lights, the music, the trees, the ornaments and the garland.  Christmas has come – Santa and reindeer and elves and Frosty and movies and presents and gift wrap and cards.  Christmas has come – whether you feel you can say “Merry Christmas” or just “Happy […]

Does Physical Therapy Teach Us Spiritual Wellbeing?

What a pain in the neck – or my back or my arm or my leg. None of us like physical pain and when we have it we usually try and do all kinds of things to get rid of it.  One really great way to do this is to go to a physical therapist […]

VIDEO: CQ BIBLE 101 – God, Where Were You?

This short video answers this most poignant of all questions.  This world is so troubled and every generation of mankind has faced horrible evil before going into the grave.  There must be some hope, some reason for all this pain.  If an all-loving God exists, when will He do something?  Where is He with all […]

Why Do Some Think God is a Monster?

What would you think of a powerful leader who sanctions rape, pillaging, the destruction of thousands of lives for the wrong doings of one, racism and genocide? No matter who we are, if we have a conscience in any way tuned to the sanctity of human life, we would have to label them a monster […]