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How Can I Inspire Like Jesus?

It turns out that someone has not only already asked that question but answered it as well.  Todd Alexander was our guest for the June 5, 2016 broadcast titled, “How can I Inspire Like Jesus?” and he brought his answers with him. We began our conversation by reviewing the depth of inspiration that Jesus gave […]

How Can Resentment Lead to Death?

Our May 29, 2016 broadcast titled, “How Can Resentment Lead To Death?” focused on six related emotions that can cause resentment. Selfishness, Anger, Discontent, Pride, Jealousy and Humiliation. We examined biblical characters that experienced these related emotions to see if they fall into this awful trap of resentment or rise above it. To add to […]

Should We Be Our Brother’s Keeper?

The whole idea of being our brother’s keeper comes up very early in the Bible, and it comes up under some really bad circumstances – the murder of Able by his brother Cain. God had watched the circumstances develop that would lead to Cain’s growing rage and God actually intervened with a potential solution. The […]

Did Jesus Support Wage Discrimination?

Equal pay for equal work. When you hear that statement, you think – who wouldn’t think that is a good idea? Who in their right mind would argue against such a thing? Did Jesus teach us a contrary lesson to this principle of equality? When we read the parable of the workers in the vineyard, […]

Why Should We Love Our Enemies?

Love your enemies. It is a principle for living that is looked up to and striven for by some and laughed and scorned by others. No matter how you look at it, loving ones enemies is a difficult and rare occurrence because it involves some level of acceptance we are not inclined to want to […]

How Do You Know What God Wants You To Do?

“I think that God is telling me to look for another job,” or “God wants me to buy this house instead of that one,” or “It’s God’s will that I be happy.”  As Christians, we may have made statements like this and we would assume that anyone making these types of statements has some way […]

What Does Courage Look Like?

How would you describe courage?  To me, courage is digging deep within to do what others won’t – it is acting in spite of fear, it is standing up when no one else will, it is joining with others against the odds, it is being overmatched and still facing your enemy.  Courage is being, doing, […]

Will My Regrets Ever Leave Me Alone? (Part II)

Regret stinks.  And it stinks for so many reasons.  Think about it – you do something and the result for whatever reason is just not good, so you end up deeply regretting that action.  Now, it’s not enough to just look back over what happened and feel that twinge of pain just once – no, […]

Did the Prophet Daniel See the Future?

Daniel was a prophet in the Bible who lived many many years before Jesus and he was given glimpses into the future that were extraordinary. The odd thing about his future glimpses was that he was told that he would not understand them and to “seal them up in the book until the time of […]

Will My Regrets Ever Leave Me Alone? (Part I)

Regret is one of those things that takes up residence in our heads and always seems to have a long term lease – it just does not want to go away.  You know the drill – you do or say or think something that should not have been and then the regret loop starts.  You […]